Beresford Fine Blend

Beresford Fine Blend
Born 4th July 2004
Tested clear for PRA, GPRA, MRD and Glaucoma
Fucosidosis clear

Pedigree Chart

Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny Sh Ch Mompesson Blinking Hell Mompesson Flash Back from Amichien Clanach Crown Destiny (Imp)
Mompesson Remembrance
Sh Ch Mompesson Cher Delight Mompesson Dream Chaser
Gleadsbury Just So From Mompesson
Sh Ch Trimere Time to Remember from Mompesson Clanach Crown Destiny (Imp) Aust Ch Clanach Union Jack
Aust Ch Clanach Crown 'n' Sceptre
Sh Ch Mompesson Memory Lane Mompesson Dream Chaser
Ch Mompesson Remember Me
Beresford Love Me Do Sh Ch Calmolly Peter Piper Telcharnor Simple Simon Telcharnor Charlie Brown
Wayforme Sparkie
Calmolly Aphrodite Dazzler Sh Ch Beaters Brigadoon
Sheilan American Rhapsody from Calmolly
Beresford So Be It Sh Ch Amichien Monte Christo at Graftonbury Lyndora Cracker
Mompesson Here Say from Amichien
Lyndora Leanne Sh Ch Chuan Chablais at Lyndora
Chuan Chez Nous

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